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My name is Jessica! A small town girl with very big dreams! Wife, mother of one little angel and Labor & Delivery nurse! My daughter is 3 years old, her name is Kamryn. We are definitely beach lovers! It didn't take me too long to come up with the name "Kam&Coast"! We spend most of our time off at Ocean Isle Beach, NC. That's our happy place! I love spending time with my family, fishing and enjoying beach days, shopping, and being a mom! I am starting this online boutique as a long-time dream. Growing up in a small town, I have always had to order clothing online or drive to another town to shop. I wanted an opportunity to offer items "closer to home". I will start this boutique carrying women's clothing, and hopefully soon will also begin carrying clothes for children. I love to dress my daughter in cute smocks, knee-high socks, cute dresses, and bathing suits! I definitely have an obsession with bathing suits, and so does she! I hope you will give me an opportunity to help make your closet your favorite room in the house! Everyone should walk into their closet and feel obsessed with what they see, I want to help make this happen for everyone. I know sometimes being a mom, a college student, full-time employee or boss, and wife can make you feel stressed or sometimes even like you're "not you" anymore. I get it. That's why I am starting this boutique, let's get excited about walking in our closets and finding that outfit of the day! Let's step out of our comfort zones and wear that outfit you never "thought" you could pull off! I look forward to helping each of you and listening to what you look for in an online boutique! Subscribe to our email list for news and discount codes as well! Love y'all!

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